Do you wish to stay ahead of Cyber Threats?

Since 2008, we have been providing Identity Protection and Cyber Threat Intelligence services to businesses around the world.

How we do it ?


Our highly skilled personnel armed with proprietary technology extensively monitor dark corners of the internet including closed source cyber crime forums, IRC rooms, Pastebins, TOR deep web and malicious botnets.


We identify emerging threats, gather actionable intelligence and also collect compromised PII including Credit cards, SSN, email passwords, login credentials that belongs to e-commerce, financial, social networks and other organizations.


Online Guards provides real-time threat intelligence feed with compromised credentials, cyber crime and malware activity that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing fraud alert process.

We are a passionate bunch of geeks fighting Cyber crime



From its inception, Online Guards has been focused on developing innovative and proactive solutions to combat Identity Theft, Malware and Internet fraud. Our personnel are subject matter experts in the cyber security community. We study the latest schemes and technical threats used by cyber criminals to conduct online fraud. Our years of experience give us the competitive advantage in understanding the psychology of cyber criminals, which allows us to help you take every measure to protect your reputation and your customer’s identity from being victimised.

Executive Team


Each member of the management team has an extensive background containing years of experience identifying innovative ways to develop new technologies to combat cyber threats.

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Sridhar P


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Siraj K